Jason N

Jason N

Jason N


How and Why I started Djing: I started Djing when I was still in high school. Live bands were popular but very expensive and the style of music they played did not appeal to high school students so I purchased some DJ equipment to perform at high school dance parties. Weddings and parties became my specialty and later I added Karaoke to the mix. 28 years later I am still providing quality entertainment to many different venues and creating lasting memories.

Favorite memory: Wow there have been so many great memories over the years smiling faces ,happy people, excited club owners to mention a few, but the one that sticks out the most is that after all these years people continue to refer my quality entertainment to their friends and family. This is the greatest compliment, people allow me to keep creating memories for their special occasions.

Favorite Song: Kind of a loaded question, I like so many different styles of music, I can think of favorite songs from every year. I play for so many different styles of events that I think I love all music. My music choices and typically mood driven but some of my personal favorites are:

  • Great Balls Of fire - Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Proud Mary - Tina Turner
  • Fire - Pointer Sisters
  • Fireball - Pitbull
  • And I can think of 100's more.

Favorite Events to DJ: Weddings either formal or informal settings and Karaoke parties.

Favorite quotes: I have a couple "A house divided cannot stand" and " Become the one you dream you can be"

Activities and Hobbies: Like to spend time with family, playing piano or playing the bass guitar in a live band.