School Dance

How Amazing School dances are created

No matter what type of event your school is planning, Impressions Mobile Music provides the best in entertainment. We have everything necessary for an amazing party that students will talk about for years to come. We provide the sound, lights and entertainment to provide, A Night to Remember!

Our school dances consist of edited age and event appropriate music. Be it a Sadie Hawkins dance or the High School Prom, we will provide a memorable event for all students and faculty. While elementary and junior high dances may last 3-4 hours, a high school dance may typically be as long as 5 hours in length. We are prepared and have enough music to provide today’s youth a great event.

We will coordinate with the school faculty and administration to ensure that your schools event goes as planned. We will work with them to create a music plan that will be enjoyable for all.

Many people would consider a professional DJ to be in the service industry, but when it comes to a school dance, we like to consider ourselves in the memory making business. Students will always remember their school dances, for good or for bad. It’s our duty to make sure that they have the most fun possible.

To have a great school dance, you must have the right equipment, and the right music. Impressions Mobile Music will bring a huge selection of the latest radio hits and party classics - if you want it, we've got it!

Impressions Mobile Music DJ Entertainers play clean radio edits for school dances. We've put on many successful school dances and understand the concerns that many teachers and administrators have about today's music. We provide plenty of fun with clean versions of popular music.

When choosing Impressions Mobile Music for your next school event, please keep the following in mind

  • We only play edited versions of age appropriate music
  • We always take requests from the crowd
  • Student safety is always a priority
  • We work closely with you while planning your event
  • Impressions Mobile Music will always conduct themselves in a professional and reliable manner

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  • And anything else you can think of!