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About Alli

How/Why I started DJing: It all started when after I graduated from Brown College with my degree in radio broadcasting and applied science degree. Worked as a radio dj and producer for 9 years in Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota. Really loved hosting live events and concerts. I started doing bar events and soon started djing weddings. I know music and love reading my audience. I love the energy of a packed dance floor and keep people wanting more! I love when I hear how much fun people had at the events I have hosted and want to make it a night they will never forget!

Favorite Moment DJing: I think I have a favorite moment with every show. Sometimes it's when it's the father daughter dance. I know this is sappy but I cry almost everytime. Yes, even when I barely know them.

Other times it's just when people start cheering cause it's a song they were dying to hear.

Favorite Song(s): I don’t think anyone could answer this question with one song. We might have a favorite song for an artist/band, or maybe even a favorite song in a genre, but I cannot say I have one favorite song. Also, because I’ve worked with bands that have never been played on the radio, some of my favorite music, most people have never even heard. If I had to run down a list of songs I can hear over and over without getting tired of, it might sound like this.

  • "Don't Stop Believin" - Journey
  • "Turn Down For What" - DJ Snake
  • "Blurred Lines" - Robin Thicke

Favorite Event to DJ: Weddings! Really any event, but weddings are awesome to dj just because it's such a memorable day and I get to create the party and bring the excitement. Blow it up!!!

Favorite Quote: “Give everyday the chance to be the most beautiful day of your life” – Mark Twain

Favorite Vacation: I would have to say my annual trip to Florida is my favorite vacation! Love the clubs, fresh seafood, margaritas before 5pm and of course the ocean!

Activities/Hobbies Outside of DJing: I love zumba!, working out, cooking, golfing, rollerblading, music, spending quality time with my amazing husband and my two beautiful children, making fun memories, laughing with my family and friends and photography.