Entertainment Choices for your Wedding Day

With so many choices for your wedding day from the colors of your wedding to the dessert you’ll be serving to your guests, you can easily become overwhelmed with the entire planning process. First and foremost, enjoy your time planning.

If there is one area that you should spend the time doing your research and making sure you find the right fit for your wedding, it is your entertainment.

Keep in mind that many guests and newlyweds say what they remember most from a wedding (besides how beautiful the bride and groom are) is the entertainment. As each wedding is as unique as the couple themselves, make sure to find a company willing to listen to your needs, wants and desires for your wedding day. A true professional will take the time to understand what your vision is for your wedding day and will discuss and help you create the day you want.

Your DJ doesn’t just play music. They also become your Master of Ceremonies (MC) and help guide your day along. From calling of the seats for meals, introducing the wedding party for the Grand March to the all important announcement of the First Dance… A true wedding professional will be able to make sure your wedding guests can here all the important aspects of your evening.

When starting to think what services you all need for your wedding day, start by envisioning the music and sound needs for your wedding ceremony. If it’s at a church, everything is likely taken care of by the church. However becoming more popular are ceremonies outside of a church. Your wedding ceremony itself will contain four main components: Prelude, Processional, Entrance of the Bride, and Recessional. Sprinkle in the possibility of a wedding ritual and reader, the ceremony can start getting. If you have more than 50 people showing up to your ceremony, you’ll likely require additional sound, microphones and music for your ceremony. Make sure to talk to an experienced entertainer who has done many outdoor wedding ceremonies. A good DJ should also be able to offer multiple song suggestions for your ceremony should you need them.

Still the majority of events a DJ will perform will be the wedding reception itself. This is where you can really distinguish the professionals from the bedroom weekend DJ hobbyists. Experience, emcee skills and professional equipment is a must. Having an entertainer that can speak clearly on the microphone is so often overlooked.

You’ve now found the company you want to go with. Congratulations check an important item off your list. As you continue to create your wedding day experience for you and your guests, make sure to add your own personal touches. There are many ways that a DJ can continue to enhance your surroundings and add additional flair throughout your wedding day. From showing off and pin spotting your wedding cake, to capturing the crazy moments with a Photo Booth to creating an ambiance throughout the venue with uplighting… There simply are many ways to create a wedding uniquely yours.

Pin spotting is a great way to enhance a particular area of your venue that you want to accentuate. Some popular pin spotting areas have included candy tables, card tables, gift tables or to show off your beautiful wedding cake.

Many newlyweds want to show a slide show of them growing up and pictures of them growing together. This is a great way to show your guests your history. Typically, this can be played during social hour or during dinner. If you do a service like this, some companies may have the technology to then have music videos played throughout the night.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. What will would the pictures say from a night of Photo Booth pictures? Photo Booths are extremely popular and a fun added touch where your guests will be able to bring something home with them from your wedding day. Most companies will offer fun props, immediate pictures for your guests and personalized printing layouts. Some companies will offer you a thumb drive of all the pictures at the end of the night.

What better way to add a personal touch like no other than having a personalized monogram. A personalized monogram can include your wedding date, both of your names and can be created in many different styles. Popular areas to shine your monogram include above the head table or on the dance floor.

By far, the most popular add-on we see is uplighting. Uplighting can add a visual impact throughout your reception hall or outside around a building. Your imagination is the limit. Uplighting is the most affordable way to decorate your reception venue and create an ambiance unique to your event. By placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward, uplighting can add color and depth to an otherwise boring wall or column. It also adds energy and vibrancy to your photos!

As you can see, there are many options to make your wedding uniquely yours. From the time your first guest arrives at your ceremony to the last dance of the evening. A DJ can enhance your wedding experience through sound, music and lights. Don’t be afraid to create a space that will leave your guests amazed of your visual design. With today’s technology, your options are seemingly unlimited. Don’t let anything hold you back as you prepare for one of the most important days of your life…your wedding day!!

While researching your entertainment company, there are some questions you should be asking each prospective vendor for your wedding reception:

  • Is our wedding date available? Pretty obvious; however, some of the best DJs book up out to two years in advance.
  • Do you have any pictures of your set up? Look at photos of setups that they have. You want to make sure to look for a clean and professional set up.
  • How long have you been in business? How many wedding have you done? Experience…experience…experience. Not only do you want someone experienced with various dance floors, but one that is knowledgeable on the equipment they are using.
  • What is your backup plan for unforeseen issues that could arise? Do they have backup equipment, cords or even a DJ to fill in if necessary? Life happens and they should always be prepared.
  • Will you be the DJ at our wedding? If not, can I meet/talk to my DJ prior to your wedding date? Are they a single operator or do they have multiple DJ’s working for their company?
  • Are you part of any professional organizations? Such as Central Minnesota Wedding Association!! Companies that continue to work on networking and growing their business tend to take more pride in the product they put out.
  • Do you have any recent reviews? What better way to get a feel for an entertainer/DJ than from recent reviews.
  • How big is your music database? If you don’t have a song requested, what is your plan to get it? You may only need 150-200 songs for the entire night, but if you allow the DJ to take requests, he should be prepared with a library of over 30,000 songs. Make sure they legally download their music. Pirated music does sound different when played at a higher volume.
  • Have you done events at our wedding venue? Some venues may have hidden surprises and your entertainment company should be properly prepared. Ask the venue itself if they have any DJ recommendations.
  • Are there any additional services that you provide, such as up-lighting, slideshows, pin spotting or a photo booth? Goes back to understanding and helping create your vision for your wedding day.
  • What sets you apart from your competition? When it’s all said and done, make sure you’re comfortable with who you invite/hire to be a part of one of the happiest days of your life…your wedding day!